Mine frit Ile Maurice

Mauritius, a multi-cultural gastronomy paradise

From its main role of colonial crossroads, Mauritius has gained a culinary advantage that allows it to offer a cuisine as diverse as complete.

It is usually said that in Mauritius is find the best food between Beirut and Pekin. Drawing their sources from the 4 corners of the globe, Europe, India, China and Africa, Mauritians have learned to mix flavors, spices and ingredients, not to replicate their ancestors recipes, but to create new ones.

In fact, you will find out that some meals have often been adapted to local vegetables, spices and fruits, even if most ingredients are imported.

gato deluil ile maurice

During your stay in Mauritius, you will have the chance to taste the numerous specialties. Beyond traditional restaurants and “snacks” along the road, take the time to stop at those little stands and caravans next to crowded roads and public beaches. You will discover what Mauritians are fans of : gateaux piments, dhull puri, roti, samoussas, fruits confits and other traditional delights.

gato deluil

It would be unfortunate to miss the bryani, Muslim’s origin meal, consisting in cooking a set of spices, potatoes, rice and meat (chicken, fish, lamb) ; all that cooked in a traditional pan.


Mauritius is also known for its Indian’s origin specialties, like currys (called cari), mix of saffron, masala, ginger and others, to enjoy with white rice or farata. This meal is often served with a set of chatini, chili paste and other koutias.


On the island’s coasts, in traditional fishermen’s villages (Grand Gaube, Mahebourg, Pointe aux Piments, etc.), you will have the chance to taste African and Asian based cuisine. The most known being “riz rougail saucisse et lentille”, fried rice and noodles, and other fish and seafood based specialties.


If you are planning on staying in one of Catherine’s charming houses during your holidays in Mauritius, you will enjoy one of those tasty meals on your arrival day.

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