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A shopping day in Goodlands

The typical village of Goodlands is the place to go for a folk shopping day. Goodlands is located in the North of Mauritius, between the villages of Petit Raffray and St. Antoine. This village of more than 20 000 inhabitants is organized along an active and overflowing main street of shops of all kinds.

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A day in the heart of Mauritian life is waiting for you at Goodlands. Teeming with people, this small town has all its modern facilities: Bus station, snack shops, restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets and even a small casino. Despite all its development, the village has kept a touch of authenticity with its old shops or ‘tabaji’, its colorful Temple, its beautiful church and its local markets.

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Goodlands is indeed known for its markets, or ‘fairs’ as we say here, filled with fruits and local vegetables, textiles and other odds at low prices. You will be spoiled with choice over the alley of tissue, shirts, dresses, shoes and souvenirs. On market days, beautiful displays of fresh vegetables and fruits will surely attract your attention. If you come in summer take the opportunity to regale yourself with our famous lychees and our delicious perfumed mangoes. As Goodlands isn’t a touristic village, do not hesitate to negotiate the prices when they are not displayed.

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For nature’s lovers, Goodlands’ small shopping center regularly hosts an Earth Market, on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, with fresh and tasty vegetables and other healthy local products, all 100% chemicals free. A moment of pleasant sharing in a great mood with earth fans.

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Goodlands also has the largest ship models factory of the island, made by talented and skilled Mauritians workers. The Historic Marine with its amazing items beautifully detailed, which require hours and hours of work, worth a visit.

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The town is mainly Indian-Mauritian, as you will notice it’s full of Indian clothes shops where enthroned sumptuous sari and other adornments. You can feel its Bollywood atmosphere with all its colors, the perfume of the incense in its shops called ‘puja shop’, and of the course with the music that goes with it.

A great discovery in the heart of a typical Mauritian town awaits you!