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Aquatic leisure activities and water sports in Mauritius

Mauritius is considered as one of the best resorts destinations in the world for several reasons: white sandy beaches, sun and crystal clear calm lagoon; not to mention the wide range of aquatic leisure activities available both for adults and kids.

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Kite Surf
Kite surf derives from surf and is a style of kiteboarding specific to wave riding, which utilizes standard surfboards or boards shaped specifically for the purpose. It is practiced in different regions of the island but the best spots remain: Bain Bœuf, Cap Malheureux, Anse la Raie, Butte à l’herbe and Trou aux Biches in the north, Poste Lafayette, Belle Mare and Palmar in the east, Pointe d’Esny in the south and Flic en Flac, La Preneuse, Bel Ombre and La Prairie in the west.

For thrill seekers, parasailing is just perfect! Contemplate the sea from the sky, towed by a speedboat and enjoy the breath-taking view of the northern coastline of Mauritius. The most sought-after parasailing spots of the island are Grand Bay in the north, Trou d’eau Douce and Belle Mare in the East.

However, parasailing requires some strict security rules which will be provided by a professional during a briefing before the start of the session. Generally speaking the duration of a parasailing session varies between 5 to 12 minutes depending on the location and the rate, between 24 and 35 euros. Moreover, this activity can be performed by kids from 6 years old upwards and does not require any specific physical condition.

Water ski
Water ski remains one of the most popular aquatic activities in Mauritius. The concept is simple: up on you skis you will be towed by a speedboat and this activity is available almost everywhere on the coast of Mauritius but the best spot for water ski remains the north of the island where the lagoon is very calm protected from strong waves and swells. Water ski can be performed by kids as from 6 years old and above but basic swimming skills are however required. It does not require any specific physical condition and the rate turns around 50 euros per pax.

Sea kayak
Discover in family the wonderful lagoon rich in marine life by means of kayak. Sea kayak sessions are provided by professional guides for whom security remain essential. A half-day session of sea kayak are as follows: adult 65 euros, kids (8 to 12 years old) 55 euros per pax. For a full-day sea kayak session: adult: 79 euros per pax, kids (8 to 12 years old) 65 euros.

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Photo: fun-adventure.mu

Sea Kart Adventure
If you are a thrill seeker and that you are fond of speed and slidding, you will surely love Sea Kart Adventure! Unsinkable and thanks to its turbine-propelled engine, the Sea Kart offers utmost protection against the propeller and remains ecological. This activity is performed mainly in family, based on the most strict security norms. Rates for Sea Kart (max 2 adults) – half day: 580 euros / 290 euros per pax). A child of 8 to 12 years may freely accompany 2 adults in the Sea Kart.

For surf lovers, the best spot in Mauritius remain Tamarin Bay on the western coast of Mauritius. The relief is perfect to challenge the giant waves which make the spot so popular.
Surrounded and protected by coral reef, Mauritius has a rich marine biodiversity made up of extraordinary marine species. Discover the underwater environment of the island by way of a diving session. Two diving options are available: snorkelling and scuba diving. The best diving spots of the island: Roche Baleine, Peter Holt’s Rock and Ancre Perdue, the marine parks of Blue Bay and Balaclava, La Fosse aux requins, La Passe du Puits, La Cathédrale. Rates: around 50 euros per pax.

Photo : www.blue-safari.com/fr

Photo : www.blue-safari.com/fr

Cruises and marine exploration
Enjoy your wonderful holidays and visit the plethora of small islands surrounding Mauritius to discover typical marine flora and fauna of the island. You can choose to set out for cruises on: catamarans, trimarans, sailboats, traditional boats, glass-bottom boats, speedboats, kayaks, dinghies and even submarine (provided by Blue Safari).

Swim with dolphins
Discover these spectacular and magnificent marine mammals in their natural aquatic habitat. Immerse yourself in this wonderful adventure of a lifetime and swim with dolphins in crystal clear water. A fabulous adventure to be done with your friends and family. You will be briefed by a team of professional about strict security rules.
Rates for adults : 44 euros / Kids (5 to 12 years old) : 28 euros

Photo: amistad-maurice.com

Photo: amistad-maurice.com