Coin de Mire Ile Maurice

A dive at Coin de Mire

A dive at Coin de Mire to discover the beautiful underwater landscapes of the North of Mauritius.

It does not make sense to visit an island without diving in its beautiful waters, filled with a rich and colored fauna and flora. A large choice of dive sites, highly praised by passionate are waiting for you in the sea waters
of the North of Mauritius island.

Banc de poissons Ile Maurice

Meet Ocean’s Spirit, a certified PDAI, CMAS, FFESSM and SSI diving center, located on the coastal road, in front of Pereybere’s public beach. A professional and passionate team, managed by Cedric Fayolle for more than 10 years, will welcome you. They will know how to share with you their love for the ocean, its inhabitants and its protection (lagoon cleaning are organized regularly).

Cédric Fayolle Ocean Spirit

One of the most recommended dive is the Coin de Mire Safari. Coin de Mire is a small island facing the North coast of Mauritius, surrounded by fabulous dive sites. The safari includes 2 dives of 45 to 60 minutes each (the longest you could get), a lunch break and the ride on the boat.

Around 9:00am, You will sail of, after a detailed morning briefing about the dives and the security. You will get back around 2:00pm. For your 2 dives, you will have the choice between a set of location, including famous “Djabeda” wreck (34m), where rays meet squids and baracudas. Also, the “Confetti” spot (4-20m), very colorful and rich in fishes and corals location, you will have the chance to meet sea turtles, anemones and clown fishes. For the landscape, “le Charpentier” will let you explore underwater canyons and caves. Finally, the “deep” “le Mur” (32m) is a renown spot where sea fans and other tropical corals are lying on the walls of the seafloor. After the 2 dives, time for lunch and a nice boat ride back to Pereybere.

Murene plongée Ile Maurice

The Coin de Mire safari is definitely a dive to try. The water visibility is perfect almost all year long and there are dive sites for all diving levels, from beginner to professional. The diving center recommends diving in Winter (between June and October), when you can encounter the majestic whales.

Anemones plongée Ile Maurice

Raie plongée Ile Maurice

If you are a true diving fan and adventurer, don’t worry, there are many others wonderful dives to try.

A big thank to Cedric and Ocean Spirit for their good advices.

To contact them and reserved your dives please call the +230 263 44 68 or send a mail at [email protected].

Sea fan in Mauritius

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