fireworks end of year mauritius

A happy new year in Mauritius

The new year in Mauritius is celebrated colorful and in a great mood, under the summer sun and the beautiful glowing flame trees. Depending on the budget, the celebrations go from a good family meals to great dancing evenings accompanied by delicious banquets. The outfits are meant to be flimsy, chic but comfortable. Everyone get

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bijoux shopping goodlands mauritius

A shopping day in Goodlands

The typical village of Goodlands is the place to go for a folk shopping day. Goodlands is located in the North of Mauritius, between the villages of Petit Raffray and St. Antoine. This village of more than 20 000 inhabitants is organized along an active and overflowing main street of shops of all kinds. A

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sable ile ambre ile maurice

Discovering Amber Island

In the North East lagoon of Mauritius, near the villages of St Antoine and Poudre d’Or, stands Amber Island. This beautiful island of 140 hectares form part of the local national parks, protected by the Mauritian government. This wild island is surrounded by mangroves, rocks and crystal clear water. You surely won’t miss the beaches

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snack ile maurice

The 100% Mauritian salted goodies

A trip to Mauritius Island would be incomplete without a gap of gluttony with its famous salted appetizers or ‘gajak’. These savories are mainly composed of a large varieties of deep-fried fritters but there are also the samosa and the famous “gato pima.” Always served warm, a gajak have to be tasted dipping in a

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