vue montagne le pouce ile maurice

A hike at the Pouce mountain

To all nature lovers, easy hike fans and incredible view seekers, we highly recommend you the hike on the Pouce mountain. Located on the North-West part of Mauritius Island, in the Moka district between the Signs mountain and the Pieter Both mountain. The Pouce is the third highest mountain in Mauritius at 812 meters after the Pieter

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Champs de Mars Ile Maurice

A horse-racing day at Champs de Mars

A horse-racing day at the famous Champs de Mars, Mauritius Mauritius Island is well known for its beautiful beaches, its multicultural population but also for its cultural folklore such as the famous horse-racing at the Champs de Mars. Located East of the capital Port Louis, at the edge of the mountains, the Champs de Mars offers an

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Coin de Mire Ile Maurice

A dive at Coin de Mire

A dive at Coin de Mire to discover the beautiful underwater landscapes of the North of Mauritius.It does not make sense to visit an island without diving in its beautiful waters, filled with a rich and colored fauna and flora. A large choice of dive sites, highly praised by passionate are waiting for you in the sea

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Mine frit Ile Maurice

Mauritius, a multi-cultural gastronomy paradise

From its main role of colonial crossroads, Mauritius has gained a culinary advantage that allows it to offer a cuisine as diverse as complete.It is usually said that in Mauritius is find the best food between Beirut and Pekin. Drawing their sources from the 4 corners of the globe, Europe, India, China and Africa, Mauritians have learned to mix

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