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Indoor Activities in Mauritius: The Curious Corner of Chamarel

Indoor Activities in Mauritius: Discover the Curious Corner of Chamarel
Ideally located opposite the well-known 7-coloured Earth of Chamarel, the Curious Corner of Chamarel is the first of its kind in Mauritius: a house full of illusion and mysteries to arouse your curiosity, sharpen your senses and stimulate your creativity. The Curious Corner will surely amaze you with more than 40 curios and exhibits scattered on some 5000 square meters. This extraordinary house is worth a visit, whether with friends or family.
Once you enter the house, you immerse yourself in a funny but curious adventure where your common sense will be tested by means of enigmas, curios, puzzles and mind mazes specially designed to turn you upside down.

Curious Corner attractions


Photo: – Mirror Maze

Le Mirror Maze (Le Labyrinthe de miroirs)
The Curious Corner Mirror Maze remains one of the most popular attractions of the Curious Corner. It is made up of a labyrinth of concave and convex mirrors which tend to make you lose your sense of orientation: infinite reflections, endless corridors, impressive lighting effects and some 200 mirrors to ‘help’ you find your way out!

chambre d'ame curious corner chamarel ile maurice

Photo: – La Chambre d’Ames

La chambre d’Ames
The Curious Corner Ames Room is a family favourite photo opportunity. How does it work? Simply stand on one side and appear tiny in comparison to your giant friend on the other side of the room. If seeing is believing, this attraction will surely get the wheels turning!

upside down room curious corner chamarel ile maurice

Photo: – Upside Down Room

The Upside Down Room
With the Curious Corner Upside Down Room, turn your world upside down! Discover and explore the kitchen, living room and dining room in this upside down world, filled with little details that will complete the experience.

laser music room curious corner chamarel ile maurice

Photo: – The Laser Music Room

The Laser Music Room
Curious Corner’s Laser Music Room at Curious Corner allows you to experiment the subtle blend of light and sound. Touch the colourful laser lights to create sounds and turn it into a musical treat!
The Corner Café
The Corner Cafe offers guests refreshments, snacks, smoothies and ice cream in a beautiful garden setting. Don’t fret, the illusions continue into the grounds so you can still enjoy exploring your curiosity while at the cafe.

La Boutique Souvenirs
To close the loop of your visit at the Curious Corner, you must visit the Souvenir Shop where you can check out the curios for sale at the Puzzles & Things Gift Shop or stay a while and play some mind bending games right here in the shop.

Visit duration: Around one and half hour
Rates | Adults : Rs 275. Kids : Rs 150.